Clinical Rotation Request (CRR)

Please complete the following to request a clinical rotation. If this form is incomplete or submitted later than the deadline, you will not be registered for the practica.

All students are strongly encouraged to review the Clinical Rotation Guide (located in MLS Student Community) when submitting their rotation request.

I. Student Information
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email Address
* Program
* Anticipated Rotation Semester
* Anticipated Rotation Year
Clinical Rotation Semester Timeline to Submit CRR
Fall Semester February 15th - March 15th preceding the rotation (Fall) semester

Spring Semester July 1st - August 1st preceding the rotation (Spring) semester

Summer Semester ** November 1st - December 1st preceding the rotation (Summer) semester

** Be advised that summer rotations in Local GW Primary Affiliates will only be considered under special circumstances due to a decreased number of available clinical training staff during the summer.
II. Clinical Site Option
* Please initial and indicate your clinical site option. If you choose to go to a local affiliate, please indicate your preferred clinical site. Placement for the preferred site will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. If you have secured your own clinical site, please indicate the name of the site(s).
1. Local GW Primary Affiliate
1st.      2nd.      3rd.      
Once a schedule has been determined for a local affiliate, the student is committed to enter and finish the clinical rotations according to the schedule. Students who are scheduled for a local affiliate and subsequently decide not to enter the rotation at that time will lose the privilege of attending the local affiliate sites and will need to find their own clinical site. In the event of limited availability of clinical rotations, the GW MLS Program may have to schedule the student's clinical rotation in the semester following the requested semester. Please initial:
2. Approved Clinical Site(s):
Applicants residing outside the Washington, DC area and/or who wish to complete the clinical practicums in their area of residence must have identified an acceptable accredited (TJC and/or CAP) clinical laboratory willing to provide the clinical instruction. In addition, these applicants must initiate a facility review process between the proposed clinical facility and the GWU MLS program. The purpose of this facility review is to ensure that the student will have an acceptable clinical site for the clinical portion of the program and to complete a legal agreement between the GWU MLS Program and the clinical site. The affiliation agreement may take as long as six months to complete, so it is imperative that this process be started at the time of admissions into the program.
Please initial:
III. Clinical Rotation Requirements
  1. Each student must have successfully completed all prerequisite didactic coursework prior to entry into the clinical rotations. All undergraduate MLS clinical program students must finish the didactic portion (Phase I) before starting the clinical portion (Phase II).
  2. For the undergraduate MLS program students; a minimum cumulative GPA and major GPA of 2.5 are required in order to begin clinical practicum courses. Students in MSHS programs must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA.
  3. Each student must have completed a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and Drug Screen (DS). Additional screens may be necessary if required by the student's clinical site.
  4. Each student must have completed the required pre-clinical documents, including health documents, prior to rotations. Additional documentation may be needed depending on your clinical site's requirements.

In the beginning of the semester preceding the clinical semester, you will receive an invitation email to create an account in the myRecordTracker database to complete the pre-clinical requirements including but not limited to:

  • Physical Exam
  • Immunizations including; MMR, Hep B, TD or Tdap, Varicella, Meningococcal Vaccine (or Waiver), Influenza
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR) - waiver can be provided if CPR not required by the student's clinical site
  • Essential Functions Statement of Acknowledgement Form
  • 2-step PPD or IGRA Blood Test for TB Screening
  • Clinical Guide Acknowledgement and Pledge Form

IV. Previous Clinical Lab Experience
* Please check and initial the space next to the statement that describes the level of previous clinical laboratory experience:

Clinical Laboratory Experience

I have never worked in a clinical laboratory.

I have worked in MLS labs in phlebotomy and/or specimen processing only.

I have worked in MLS labs as an MLT, certified (i.e. ASCP, AMT, etc) for years.

Other (please list):

If you have clinical lab experience; please summarize your role in the lab; including the areas of expertise and dates
Rotation Area Standard Rotation
(non-MLT certified)
MLS Certificate Program Shortened Rotation
(MLT certified)
BSHS Program
Clinical Area Length In Weeks * Length In Hours ** Certificate Practicum Courses Number of Credits Length In Weeks * Length In Hours ** BSHS Practicum Courses Number of Credits
Chemistry 4 160 Clinical Biochemistry Practicum
MLS 4161
4 2 80 Clinical Experience I
MLS 4136
Microbiology 4 160 Clinical Microbiology Practicum
MLS 4164
4 2 80 Clinical Experience II
MLS 4137
Hematology 2 80 Hematology Practicum
MLS 4162
2 2 80 Clinical Experience III
MLS 4138
Urinalysis 1 40 Urinalysis Practicum
MLS 4165
1 2 80 Clinical Experience III
MLS 4138
Coagulation 1 40 Coagulation Practicum
MLS 4166
1 2 80 Clinical Experience III
MLS 4138
Blood Bank 4 160 Blood Bank Practicum
MLS 4160
4 2 80 Clinical Experience IV
MLS 4139

Non-MLT certified MLS certificate students must complete the standard amount and take certificate practicum courses.

MLT certified MLS certificate students may elect to do shortened rotations and will take certificate practicum courses.

MLT certified BSHS students may elect to do shortened rotations and will take BSHS practicum courses (Clinical Experiences)

Categorical certificate students (i.e. Microbiology certificate, Chemistry certificate, etc.) will only take the practicum course(s) in their specific area of study.

Shortened rotations for MLT certified students are based on competency in each area. If the student is unable to demonstrate competency within the given timeframe, they may be asked to complete the standard amount or more to meet competency standards.

Rotation lengths listed are minimum rotation amounts.

* Standard GW Schedule; Clinical Rotations are Monday through Friday, 8 hours/day.

** The individual clinical site may choose to allocate the clinical experience hours in other than the standard schedule.

MSHS Program Length in Weeks Length in Hours Clinical Practicum Courses
Molecular Diagnostic Science 6 240 MLS 6166: Molecular Diagnostics
Clinical Microbiology 4 160 MLS 4164: Clinical Microbiology
Laboratory Medicine 16 640 MLS 6160: Ad. Blood Bank
MLS 6161: Ad. Clinical Biochemistry
MLS 6164: Ad. Clinical Microbiology
MLS 6162: Ad. Hematology
MLS 6165: Ad. Urinalysis
MLS 4166: Ad. Coagulation
Please answer the following questions. The following questions will be used to schedule your rotations accordingly and to process any necessary paperwork that may be required prior to your rotations. The answers will not affect your eligibility to enter clinical rotations.
* I am a veteran and will be using Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits during clinical rotations.
* I will be using Financial Aid during clinical rotations, therefore, need to be scheduled for at least 6 credits per semester.
* I am MLT certified and would like to do shorter rotations.

MLT certified students must send a copy of their MLT certification to the clinical coordinator
* I would like to do rotations
Option available for Clinical Site Option 2 students only.
* I need to do longer rotations due to state licensure purposes.
* I am attending clinical rotations in Florida and will need a Trainee License.

All students attending rotations in a facility located in Florida must obtain a Trainee License before they can enter clinical rotations. Please contact your coordinator for more information.
If you have any questions, please contact the GW MLS Coordinator ( Thank you!