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Zhongping Lu

Zhongping Lu

Research Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Office Phone: 202-745-5000 ext. 5851
Email: Email
Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine


  • MSc, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, 2002
  • PhD, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, 2005


Dr. Lu’s laboratory focuses on acetyl modification of mitochondrial proteins and its role in diseases and stresses. The emerging evidence support the importance of acetylation and deacetylation modifications of mitochondrial proteins in regulating mitochondrial activities, cell function, and pathophysiology of numerous diseases. Using proteomic approach, he and his colleagues have identified new targets of a mitochondrial deacetylase – SIRT3. His group is actively exploring the role of these modified proteins in drug-induced hepatotoxicity, alcoholic hepatitis and metabolic diseases.


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Jianjun Bao, Zhongping Lu, Michael N. Sack. Characterization of the Murine SIRT3 Mitochondrial Localization Sequence and Comparison of Mitochondrial Enrichment and Deacetylase Activity of Long and Short SIRT3 Isoforms. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2010; 110(1):238-47

Zhongping Lu, Iain Scott, Bradley Webster, Michael N. Sack. The emerging characterization of mitochondrial function and cardiovascular biology. Circulation Research, 2009; 105(9):830-41

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