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Counterterrorism & Intelligence Task Force

Predicated on the notion that the US must develop the national collection plan and capacity needed to evaluate and counter a constantly evolving terror threat, this task force exists to address today’s most salient counterterrorism and intelligence issues, including: the establishment of intelligence requirements; information sharing among local, state, tribal, and federal governments; suspicious activity reporting; the importance of regional threat assessments, and how best to construct the robust analytical capability necessary at all levels of government to provide a rich picture of existent and emerging threats. This body exists to examine the framework through which the United States and other allied nations gather and analyze information about the metastasizing jihadi threat and to propose intelligence priorities, requirements, and processes to better meet it.

The task force will present a short descriptive and prescriptive report containing a clearer vision of the new intelligence structures and processes the United States must possess to better understand and address the evolving jihadi threat. This vision will include recommendations for concrete enhancements in collection, analysis, and sharing.  It will also include specific recommendations regarding the weaving together of effort at all levels of government – in the hopes of producing a truly national approach to intelligence.


Preparedness, Response & Resilience Task Force

HSPI's Preparedness, Response, and Resilience Task Force brings together experts from government, academia, and the private and non-profit sectors to consider contemporary policy issues facing the nation's homeland security, first responder, and emergency management communities. To this end, the Task Force convenes sessions with the nation's policymakers and publishes policy papers and reports with actionable policy recommendations for the future.  The Task Force is predicated on the idea that a more nuanced approach to these policy issues can contribute to a greater level of resiliency for all levels of government, the private sector, and the public writ large.

Recent considerations of the Task Force include the meaning of resiliency; the critical junctures that exist between policy and implementation; the nexus between preparedness, response, and resilience; and the future of resiliency as it relates to a diverse and changing operational environment.