In its role as a "think and do" tank, HSPI promotes a number of programs with the goal to create innovative strategies and solutions to current and future threats to the nation.

Ambassadors Roundtables

The Ambassadors Roundtable Series on International Collaboration to Combat Terrorism and Insurgencies engages ambassadors, heads of state and cabinet level officials in an ongoing dialogue discussing current and future counterterrorism efforts on a regional or country-specific basis. More

Policy & Research Forums

These events spotlight cutting-edge policy solutions and innovative research in a systematic manner, highlighting the work of leading policymakers, practitioners, academicians, and researchers from the U.S. and abroad. More

Counterterrorism & Intelligence Task Force

Predicated on the notion that the US must develop the national collection plan and capacity needed to evaluate and counter a constantly evolving terror threat, this task force exists to address today’s most salient counterterrorism and intelligence issues, including: the establishment of intelligence requirements; information sharing among local, state, tribal, and federal governments; suspicious activity reporting; the importance of regional threat assessments, and how best to construct the robust analytical capability necessary at all levels of government to provide a rich picture of existent and emerging threats. More

Preparedness, Response & Resilience Task Force

HSPI's Preparedness, Response, and Resilience Task Force brings together experts from government, academia, and the private and non-profit sectors to consider contemporary policy issues facing the nation's homeland security, first responder, and emergency management communities. More

Other Programs

Various institutes and organizations within the George Washington University community continue to offer important and relevant programs that complement the work of HSPI. More