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Terrorism remains an important security threat, and HSPI's counterterrorism efforts remain a cornerstone of our policy initiatives. More


National and homeland security threats in the cyber realm are real and growing. HSPI has long followed cyber security and deterrence and will continue to remain focused on this critical issue. More

Homegrown Terror & Radicalization

Whether facilitated by the Internet, fostered in prisons or al Qaeda training centers, radicalization knows no boundaries. HSPI is contributing to a better understanding of methods and programs to counter radicalization in these settings, in part by helping to educate about factors that may spur an individual to cross the line from radical thought into violent action. More


Intelligence is a critical component of national and homeland security. HSPI explores a variety of intelligence issues, including reform, intelligence-sharing, improved analysis, and collection issues. More

Preparedness, Response, & Resilience

From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf Oil Spill, HSPI is contributing to the contemporary discussion on societal resilience, emergency response, and disaster recovery. To continue work on these issues, HSPI convened the Preparedness, Response, and Resilience Task Force in Fall, 2010. The Task Force brings together experts from government, academia, and the private and non-profit sectors to consider contemporary policy issues facing the nation's homeland security, first responder, and emergency management communities. More

Transportation Security

Events such as the recent suicide attacks in the Moscow subway and the failed airline bombing attempt in December illustrate the importance of transportation security. From planes to trains, ports to pirates, understanding the related issues of terrorism, securing transportation infrastructure, and emergency preparedness and response will remain critical to policy makers and members of the general public alike. More