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General Schedule

Clerkship Home

Each student spends four (4) weeks each at two of the three hospitals: The George Washington University, Fairfax, and Holy Cross Hospital. Each offers a somewhat different atmosphere and clinical experience, but by the end of the rotation all students will have attained the necessary degree of knowledge and skill regardless of the hospitals to which they have been assigned.

Students will be assigned to a faculty member who will function as the student's preceptor for the clerkship. All Preceptor meetings will be at only one of the three hospital sites (HC, FFX, GWUH). We will now rotate only assigned students with preceptor at their assigned hospital. Student preceptor assignments will change in four-week blocks in parallel fashion to the hospital assignment. Additional meetings or encounters with the preceptor may also be scheduled. These meetings are priority for the students and a mutually-convenient time can be arranged with the preceptor. These meetings cannot conflict with Friday afternoon conferences and Core lectures or Grand Rounds. Grading will occur in the following manner- each preceptor grade will be weighted approximately 15% of the clinical grade (equivalent value for four weeks). There will be 4-5 students (every four weeks for the two-week blocks) in each group allowing for presentations each week by 1-2 students during the one and a half to two hour session/weekly.

The preceptor 's evaluation will be considered . Resident evaluations will also be used for the balance (approximately 33% for each hospital site). The final grade is based on the clinical grade and a written exam combined together (see below). You will be assigned to one resident designated the Teaching Resident at each hospital. However, you will work closely with other residents during specific surgical cases or with obstetric patients. Because of the inherent nature of OB/GYN practice, you may find yourself doing several quite different things over a short period of time. Although this diversity may at first seem confusing, it is part of what many find so appealing about practicing this specialty. You will be working in Labor and Delivery, on the wards, in the operating room, and in the outpatient clinic -often times, all in the same day.

One student will be assigned for OB call each weekday night and one student will be assigned in a likewise fashion for GYN call. Night and weekend call will be assigned on a rotational basis. A good deal of learning in OB/GYN typically occurs while the student is on call. Please note: No night call is required the night before the exam.

Your assignments and specific hospital schedules will be obtained from the teaching resident after you report to your specific hospital. Clinic, lecture and conference schedule will vary. However, the following are required of all students with no exceptions

  1. GW Grand Rounds*: Wednesday, 7:15 A.M. Ross Hall, Room 101
    (September - June only)
  2. Resident Grand Rounds*: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 3:00 PM Hospital Auditorium
    (September - June only)
  3. Core Lecture Series*: Wednesday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Ambulatory Care Building, Floor 5A South, Room230
    Review Core Lecture Series schedule for speaker
  4. GW Case Presentations*: Friday, 2:00, Hospital Auditorium.
    The case conference (Barracuda Rounds) will be followed by two hours of lectures/cases on specialty topics (including ultrasound, oncology, psychosocial, ethics, medicolegal). These conferences are geared for the housestaff but offer a wealth of information for the students on the rotation.
  5. Preceptor Weekly Meetings
  6. Practice of Medicine (POM) Course – Wednesday December 4 – All Day
  7. Weekly Meetings with Dr. Charles Macri (If you need to discuss certain issues please make an appointment in advance) – Wednesday from 12:00 – 1:00.
  8. Weekly Reproductive Endocrine Conference – Thursday 12:00 – 1:30 (GW Students only).

*ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN FOR ALL THESE CONFERENCES. A SIGN-IN SHEET WILL BE AVAILABLE.  IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SIGN THIS SHEET. If two or more core lectures are missed, the student will not be eligible for honors in the clerkship. If more than five core lectures are missed, this will be grounds for repeating the clerkship. Legitimate excuses must be documented in writing and submitted to Nykiah Betts( in Dr. Charles Macri's office.

After the first four weeks of the rotation, the Teaching Resident at the hospital where you have just spent the past four weeks will meet with you and give you mid-course feedback on how you are doing. At the end of the eight-week rotation, the Teaching Resident will sign a document evaluating your ability to competently perform a pelvic exam, breast exam and an OB/GYN history. Successful completion of the clerkship requires competence in these areas.

Student Coordinator OB/BYN is available for any help with site assignment, preceptor assignment, evaluations and test scores or any other issues on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am - 12:30pm. It would be helpful if you call in advance to discuss any issues at 202.741.2510 or e-mail at


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